columbia heights carpet cleaning for homes

Get Up Close and Personal

Imagine, like-new carpeting in your home

If you've been dreaming of new carpeting, then stop where you are and give us a call about our carpet cleaning services for homes. Conveniently based in Columbia Heights, our carpet cleaning services will turn your tired and worn carpeting into a showroom quality carpeted living space you will love to live and entertain in. We're a family run business and are ready to partner with your family to create your best home at a price you will love. 

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taking care of fido's messes 

Love your carpet and your family pet at the same time with our pet stain treatment. Your pets are part of the family, but their stains need to go! 

As pet owners ourselves, we know pet stains can ruin the look and smell of even the best carpets and upholstery. We work with you on pet stains of any size to get your carpeting back to looking and smelling its best. While some stains can be included with our standard treatment, concentrated and large stains may require a special pet stain treatment which comes at an extra charge.


Columbia Heights MN upholstery cleaning

it's not always about the carpets

Refresh your upholstered furniture with our upholstery cleaning service. When it comes to cleaning, we're not just about your carpeting. We handle everything from that stain on your couch to a spring cleaning for your entire living room. So contact us today to have your furniture looking and smelling like it did when you brought it home from the showroom. 


we've got your stains covered for 30 days

When you book with Lucas Family Carpet Cleaning, we've got you covered in the stain department. If a new stain happens within 30 days of your cleaning, simply call us and we'll come back for free and take care of your new stain. It's that simple!